Replacing Your Roof Because of Hail Damage

Many people live in an area with storms that produce damaging hail. You may be concerned whether you need to potentially Lightweight Roofing Solutions replace your roof because of the hail damage. The fact of the matter is that if you look at your roof from the ground level it is highly probable that you will not be able to tell whether it has been damaged or not. In order to properly determine whether a roof should be replaced, it is best to have it inspected by a professional with training and experience in evaluating hail damaged roofs. With even the slightest bit of damage, small marks and indentations can lead to deterioration over time that will eventually turn into leaks. Replacing the roof is the safest option to prevent wide spread leaking that can do more damage if left unchecked.

Many insurance adjusters do have this type of training to identify hail damage, and in many cases, if you are filing an insurance claim for roof replacement, they will require their own personnel to inspect and find out if the roof is suffering from hail damage. Once inspected, the adjuster determines if the roof meets the requirements to be covered by the insurance policy. Additionally, finding a good roofing contractor that can also evaluate hail damage will help you know your options and evaluate the potential cost associated with roof replacement. Landscape Investments has partnered with many A+ rated Christian roof contractors. For more information please visit us at or contact owner Greg Davis at 940-321-2047

Matthew Truty

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